Marketing A to Z

Ever wondered what “experiential” was in French? Check out our glossary of marketing and advertising terms in French and English with examples of recent campaigns.



Rewards-based marketing.



A short phrase, description or slogan that grabs the audience’s attention.


Outdoor advertising

Also known as OOH (Out-of-home)

Affichage augmenté

Augmented reality advertising

Using augmented reality to immerse the audience.

Affichage connecté

Interactive advertising

Targeted ads based on interaction with the surrounding environment.

Animation commerciale

POS activity

Promotional activity usually at the point of sale to drive sales during peak periods.

Activation de marque

Brand activation

Promoting a brand through events and experiences.


Piggyback mailing

Also known as ``asile colis`` in French. Sending promotional materials and/or products in the same package as other products in order to recruit new customers.

Adaptation publicitaire

Cultural adaptation

Adapting advertising campaigns to suit the local culture.


Active/Conscious Consumer

Someone who engages with brands and often makes ethical choices, like sustainable fashion.

Campagnes de notoriété

Awareness campaigns

Like the recent #LabelAction campaign for LABEL EMMAÜS, which featured French celebrities who put items up for sale to promote the online marketplace.



Creating campaigns for a specific audience according to age group, behaviour, location, etc.

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