Founded in 2000, Doctissimo is a leading online health magazine in France.

It was acquired by Lagadère in 2008, the same media giant that publishes Elle, Public and Paris Match.

The site quickly grew and was averaging 9 million monthly unique users and over 800,000 page views per day by 2010. The group launched English, Spanish and Italian versions of the website in the same year.

Katie translated articles, quizzes, galleries and product reviews into English, covering a variety of topics including health, fashion, beauty, fitness, psychology and wellbeing. Content had to be adapted to suit a UK audience, which meant localising practical information (exercise classes, stockists and prices) and writing in magazine copy style.

Creatively adapting content encouraged user engagement (comments, forum discussions) and helped the magazine stay relevant in its new market.

As a result, Doctissimo has built up an international reputation and established a wide readership outside France.