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Katie Hill



From living in Germany, France and Greece to studying translation at University College London, languages have always been part of my life. 

I got my first big break in 2011 when I was offered a contract translating articles for a French health and lifestyle magazine. 

I spent the next few years writing and translating for a wide range of industries, including tourism, international development and environmental NGOs, as well as subtitling for film and TV. 

But it was working on advertising copy for luxury brands that I really found my feet. Creatively adapting content for different markets taught me the power of words to bring together international audiences. 

I founded Translation Pod in 2015 because I believe that the best content and the best translations are produced by teams fuelling each other’s creative energy and ideas. 

We write English copy for luxury, fashion and beauty brands, and also translate from French, Greek, German and Italian. 

We’re advocates of sustainability, and with the increasing demand for more ethical and ecological products among consumers, we’ve become experts in writing for clean beauty and conscious fashion lines.


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