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  • Remote work in cafe, laptop and blogger, woman with a coffee, working on content research for blog. Young, creative writer and freelance work, social network and internet search for ideas

    The challenges of working as a freelance writer or translator

    It’s tough working as a freelance writer or translator because there is often no one there to tell you how you’re doing. Without the structure of working in-house, you don’t have a manager or colleagues to bounce ideas off or ask for constructive feedback.

  • How to avoid greenwashing for sustainable fashion and beauty brands

    Greenwashing: How to avoid it for sustainable brands

    From high street retailers to luxury labels, it feels like every brand is championing sustainability. So if you’re a fashion or beauty brand with strong green credentials, how do you avoid greenwashing and drowning in a sea of meaningless claims?

  • Machine Translation: When to use it (and when not to)

    Neural networks and deep learning have changed the face of the translation industry. Businesses all over the world have harnessed the power of AI with machine translation tools that help cut costs and translate large volumes of text faster than ever before.