Asian beauty

English copywriting for Asian beauty and skincare brands

Based in Hong Kong, BridgeLink provides multilingual copywriting services for international brands. We’ve been working with the agency on English copywriting projects since 2016.

South Korea has revolutionised the beauty industry with countless innovations over the past few years, from BB cream to cushion technology. With a strong focus on clean and natural beauty, it’s no surprise that brands all over the world have jumped on these trends. Not least Asia’s biggest chain of health and beauty stores, which has created its own skincare line inspired by Korean beauty.


The brief

The international retailer asked BridgeLink to find a copywriter for English-speaking markets in Asia, including Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.


Why they chose us

With a strong background in writing and translating copy for cosmetics, Translation Pod was the perfect fit. Our founder Katie has written copy for the retailer’s Korean skincare line as well as bath and body ranges, hair care products and nutraceuticals.

We’ve since worked on a variety of briefs, from writing taglines, brand stories, product descriptions, and press releases to proposing new product names and concepts for a fragrance collection. We’ve also revised existing copy to ensure that it has the right tone of voice, and helped to develop brand names for other markets in Asia and the Middle East.


A successful partnership

The brand receives product copy written by a native English speaker that conveys the unique concept of each range. This has helped them take advantage of the latest trends, like Korean beauty, and reach international markets fast.


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  • Advertising copy
  • Content ideation
  • Product descriptions